Each student becomes a positive, contributing member of society by maximizing
his or her potential.


Manassas City Public Schools, in collaboration with families, employees, and community members, will provide a safe and innovative learning environment
that inspires, engages, and challenges all students.

As a small school system in a tight-knit community, Manassas City Public Schools can deftly address challenges in modern education head-on, preparing our students for an ever-evolving world. Learning extends beyond the classroom: Businesses, art galleries, museums, theaters and other avenues for interactive education work in partnership with the schools, and strengthen our robust Career Technical Education (CTE) program.  From introducing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and dual language immersion in elementary school, to award-winning robotics teams in middle school, to our Grammy Signature high school music program, Manassas students are nurtured and challenged from the very start.  Manassas is dedicated to helping each child reach his or her full potential.

Baldwin Elementary School (Pre-K-4th)

1978 Eagle Way | 571-377-6100
Home to Project Lead the Way “Elementary Launch” and a robust academic offering that includes a Talented & Gifted (TAG) program, and extracurriculars like FLY Girls, Coding Club and Lego Club. 

George C. Round Elementary (Pre-K-4th)

10100 Hastings Drive | 571-377-6400
This eco-friendly school offers an early introduction to biology and environmental sciences.  Enrichments include TAG, Technology Club, Girls on the Run, and Virginia Cooperative Preschool.

Weems Elementary (Pre-K-4th)

8750 Weems Road | 571-377-6500
2015 National Excellence in Urban Education Award winner and a model TAG (talented and gifted) school, Weems requires students to wear uniforms and offers more than 45 electives.

Jennie Dean Elementary (Pre-K-4th)

9601 Prince William Street | 571-377-6300
Technology is integrated into this Project Based Learning environment, offering enrichments such as Outdoor Science, MakerSpace, Engineering, Broadcasting, and much more. 

R.C. Haydon Elementary (Pre-K-4th)

9075 Park Avenue | 571-377-6200
Features Dual Language Immersion, STEM Lab with MakerBot 3D Printer and Gifted & Talented Center, along with many other clubs and activities. Enrichments teach everything from coding to music. 

Baldwin Intermediate School (5th-6th)

1978 Eagle Way, Manassas571-921-8000
-Opened in the Fall of 2017, Baldwin Intermediate shares space with Baldwin Elementary, and is primarily housed on the third level of the building. It features grade 5/6 classrooms and extended learning spaces.

Mayfield Intermediate (Grades 5th-6th)

9400 Mayfield Court | 571-377-6600
Offerings include a STEM deep-dive where students design and build solutions to real-world problems. Extracurriculars include an award-winning band, robotics club and basketball. 

Metz Middle School (7th-8th)

9950 Wellington Road | 571-377-6800
Instructional area includes 10 science labs, 6 computer labs and 2 technology centers. Several courses offer high school credit. Extracurriculars include an award-winning robotics club.  

Osbourn High School (9th-12th)

1977 Eagle Way | 571-377-7000
A US World & News Report “Best High School,” Osbourn boasts a GRAMMY Signature performing arts program, Governor’s STEM Academy and CTE in Cybersecurity, Engineering, Auto Tech and more.