You hear it in our voices, you see it in the way we greet our neighbors. People are proud to live in the City of Manassas. If you have yet to visit, you may wonder, “Why? What is all the fuss about?” Just 30 miles from the Nation’s Capital, and served by rail, bus, major roadways and Virginia’s largest executive regional airport, the City of Manassas offers a connection to all the bustling Metropolitan Washington, DC region has to offer, while brimming with opportunity of its own.

Manassas City Public Schools leverages all of the city’s strengths, working in partnership with employers, art galleries, theaters, historians and other community members to enrich the learning experience for students in Manassas. Unlike most DC-area school districts, the five elementary and two intermediate schools feed into one middle school and one high school, fostering lifelong bonds between educators, families and the community at large. There is a real sense that investing in a bright future for our children is a solid investment in the future of Manassas.

We invite you to discover the many answers that families, young professionals and employers have when asked, “Why Manassas?”