I used to work here in Manassas, then moved out of state a few years ago for business. It was an exciting opportunity, but the funny thing is, when you have the chance to move anywhere in the country, or to go “home,” it was a no-brainer for me: I came home.

With that decision made, I quickly found a job in my field, right in heart of Historic Downtown, blocks from my new place. I live and work here now. Manassas is it’s own version of Mayberry, one where everyone knows everyone. People don’t hesitate to wave or say hi. It’s a kind of town you just don’t see much of these days, and it’s simply wonderful.

It has any amenity you could possibly want–from great restaurants and shopping, to a plethora of outdoor activities. There’s always something to do, and there’s always something going on.

This is my home, and I love it here.

-Tanya Hatton